Our Story

Crystal Story

Every organization has a beginning and there is a story behind every beginning. Crystal began when a small group of advertising professionals decided to re-ploy all that they had learnt over a cumulative 100 years for the benefit of the client rather than of the agency. We started by eliminating hierarchies, work compartmentalization and restrictive rules, which not only cause delays, but also stifle creative thinking. By instilling a sense of ownership in our own business in each of our team members, we found that pledging ownership to the client’s business was just a short step, We vowed that we will never allow build-up of flab, which the client ultimately ends up paying for. At the same time, we were unwaveringly committed to deliver the best, without ever compromising on deployed resources. In short, we had the body of a small agency with the soul of a large agency. And we have successfully maintained it so in these 14 years. We are not just grateful but proud when consistently our clients describe Crystal in one word as ‘Reliable’.

Integrated Communication Solutions spanning offline and online space

  • Brand Story (Logo, Positioning, Identity Guide/
    Stationery etc)
  • Packaging
  • Communication for Print Media, TV/Cinema, Radio, Outdoor, Transit, Shop Floors/Ground Activity Promotional Collaterals, OOH and more
  • Digital / Social Space Brand Salience with Approach Plan and Communication
  • Photoshoot and Film Production